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How Can Password Management Protect You?

Passwords have been in practice for long to ensure online security. Yet we never get used to the passwords. Nobody likes passwords no matter how much they are crucial for online protection. They feel nothing less than a nuisance whenever you need to log in. This prevalent lousiness among users encourages them to take password-related matters lightly – this is where hackers get leverage.

To prevent any cyber-attacks due to slackness on our end, password management is recommended. Password management entails the best practices and rules guiding users to store and manage their passwords efficiently so that unauthorized access can be prevented.

Here are a few proven methods to manage your passwords:

Create complex passwords

You may tend to create a simpler password that would be easy to remember. But shun this habit of creating weak passwords and move on to creating strong passwords now. A password containing a combination of upper & lower cases, numbers, and symbols of at least eight characters would be considered strong.

Apply multi-factor authentication

To add an extra layer of security over your password might sound extraneous but it will only increase your online security. Many websites and online accounts offer an optional feature of multifactor or two-factor authentication. Enabling this, you would always receive an OTC (one-time code) whenever you attempt to log in using your username and password.

Don’t use one password for every site

A lot of users find it enough to create one complex password and then they keep using it for all their online accounts. This undoubtedly lessens the hassle but puts your online security in a danger. If someone manages to crack your password for any one of these sites in your use, he’d get access to your other accounts as well. This is why you must consider creating a unique password for each site.

Use a password manager

It’s only being human if you can’t remember the password for each site. This problem can be sorted out if you use a password manager. A password manager wouldn’t only generate unique and complex passwords but also save your usernames and passwords for every site. This way you won’t have to memorize a password or type in a password to log in. there are several password managers available online.

Avoid writing your password

While working, you instinctually pull out a post-it note to write something that seems important. Likewise, you sometimes write your newly created password on a post-it note for the fear that you might forget it later. This isn’t a recommended habit if you seek security from hackers and cybercriminals. Instead, use a password manager as it saves the password in encrypted form. Encrypted passwords also save you from the agony of being watchful if you were typing the password in front of someone.

Weak passwords and lousy management of passwords are the chief reasons that result in data breach and theft cases. Over the years, security methods have evolved but password protection has outlasted all these methods for some reason. Deploying the best password management practices can keep your online assets safe from hackers lurking online.


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
Edel-Ryan Alon is a starving musician, failed artist, connoisseur of fine foods, aspiring entrepreneur, husband, father of two, geek by day, cook by night, and an all around great guy.


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