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5 Warning Signs You Should Service Your Car Soon

One of the most critical parts of car ownership is regular car maintenance. It is vital to have your car serviced frequently to ensure that it is safe to be on the road. And just like your body, cars need some amount of care and maintenance because continuous working with less or zero maintenance can damage the car, resulting in huge expenses on repairs.

Now that you know that regular servicing is essential when it comes to catching issues early, do you know the signs that your car needs servicing? Here are some signs that your vehicle needs service as soon as possible.

Dashboard Warning Lights

This is the most obvious sign that something is not working right, so never ignore it. With the advancement of technology, most cars have a check engine light connected to most inner systems of the car. The lights turn on whenever there is a problem with the engine. Besides, dashboard lights are made to light up when the monitored area isn’t functioning correctly.

Therefore, when these lights are on, consider visiting an auto store and get your car inspected by a car mechanic or car service professional.

Oil Issues

If not mended quickly, oil issues can significantly contribute to your machine’s wear and tear, resulting in many other problems that can increase the repair expenses. However, the good news is that there are various indicators that can prompt a quick oil check and save you the worry.

A loud engine during ignition and acceleration can indicate oil problems and means that you should check your oil. Additionally, if the engine gathers visible exhaust steams, it means your car needs an oil change. Visit for synthetic motor oil and lubricants that will offer your car strength and guarantee top engine performance.

Strange Noises

Strange noises, like squeaks and squeals coming from your car, could mean there is a problem with the braking system, fan belt, or power steering fluid. The fan belt can be a problem when the car produces a shrill shriek. Also, when your vehicle squeals when you are driving, it means there is a problem; replace your power steering fluid. Lastly, the braking system might be a problem if the car squeals whenever you apply the brakes, so replace the brake pads.


This is one indicator that should never be ignored and should be addressed as quickly as possible. Various reasons can be responsible for the smoke emission. It could mean that the engine is overheating when smoke comes from the bonnet. On the other hand, excessive smoke from the car’s exhaust could indicate an oil leak or a problem in the exhaust system. So, make sure that you take your car to the auto store or garage to identify any issue.


Leaks are an obvious indication that you should take your car for servicing. You can identify leakages when you move your car from where you initially parked it. Be on the lookout for dark-colored pigments of oil or brake fluid or any other strange leakage from the engine.


As a car owner, you are probably questioning yourself about car problems; however, the best way to keep your car in good condition and avoid any more damage is by having your car services and never waiting for problems to worsen to take your vehicle to the garage. Ensure you are careful and listen for any strange noise and other warning signs.


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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