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5 Terrible Driving Habits You Need to Stop Right Now

When you are learning to drive, you are hopefully taught well. Unfortunately, you will pick up some terrible driving habits over the years. Many of which can have tragic consequences.

Letting Yourself Become Distracted

With all the modern conveniences offered in today’s cars, it’s very easy to get distracted. Mobile phones, radio, and in-car navigation can become irresistible to play around with. However, recent studies have shown that being distracted by something like a mobile phone (learn more here) is just as or more dangerous than driving while drunk. Distractions lower your concentration and focus, which can negatively impact your driving ability. But it’s not only tech that does this. It’s also helpful to drive without rubbernecking or feeling road rage.

Not Looking Properly 

At any moment, anything can happen. For example, someone could walk out in front of you, or a dog can run into your rear when backing out. Additionally, you can’t control the driving habits of other drivers. So, you must always do your best to look properly when driving at all times. Of course, there are times when looking where you are going is more important, such as coming on to or exiting a busy road and navigating a bustling city. But getting into the habit of paying attention as early as possible helps you massively.

Failing to Signal is Among the Most Terrible Driving Habits

One of the most infuriating and dangerous things some drivers do is failing to signal. Of course, you shouldn’t really need to be told how dangerous this can be. But you might be guilty of it. One survey of around 40,000 cars at a busy junction found that 33% didn’t indicate. Turn signals are there to let others know your intent so they can make a decision to avoid an incident. And this doesn’t only apply to other cars. For instance, a pedestrian crossing the road needs to know which way you are going so they can decide whether to step into the road or not. 

Ignoring Your Car’s Warning Systems

Your vehicle is designed to speak to you in many ways. As a motor enthusiast, you can probably hear what she says just by listening to the engine or feeling how she steers. But for most, relying on in-car systems is essential. Manufacturers don’t put lights and sensors into tier cars for sheer fun. Instead, your car’s systems are being monitored to ensure it is safe to drive. And they will alert you with oil temp warnings, battery elves, and the notorious “check engine” light. Ignoring or putting off any of these warnings could be disastrous in the long term.

Driving Too Fast

All roads in countries with applicable road laws have an associated speed limit. And the speed limit is there for a good reason. Formulas have been used to work out how fast you can safely drive on a specific road without the chances of a terrible incident should you need to brake suddenly. In addition, the road surface, its proximity to children and pedestrians, and the majority of vehicle types using it are considered. Therefore, if a child were to run into the road and you are paying attention, you will likely avoid a tragedy if you suddenly brake at the speed limit.


You can pick up bad habits everywhere, and driving is no exception. Some of the worst and most dangerous include distractions, not paying attention, failing to signal, and speeding.


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