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Avoiding Car Accidents Before You Even Get Behind the Wheel

Car accidents can be a nasty and scary experience to go through, but did you know that there are ways to potentially avoid an accident before you even get behind the wheel? Here are a couple of tips to help you reduce the chances of getting into an accident.

Make sure your vehicle is safe to drive

There are a number of unsafe vehicles on the road, not just because they have a bad reputation, but because they’re not being properly maintained. It’s important that you check on the condition of your vehicle before you drive it. A quick inspection of your tires and the engine is usually all you need, but if you haven’t driven your vehicle for a while or if it’s recently suffered some kind of damage, then you really need to take your vehicle to a mechanic to have it professional inspected at least once.

Are your tires pumped correctly?

Make sure your tires are pumped properly. Don’t overlook the importance of this because flat tires can cause accidents such as losing control on the road, or having absolutely no grip on the road which leads to swerving.

Has your vehicle recently been repaired?

While car repairs don’t usually negatively affect the condition of your vehicle, there are times when your car might feel a little bit different after a repair. Your seat might not be in the right place, your tires might not be pumped, or your brakes might feel a bit different. Whatever the case is, make sure you get accustomed to your vehicle again before you set off on a drive.

Have you practiced defensive driving before?

If you haven’t read up on defensive driving before then we urge you to consider it as an option for avoiding accidents before you even get behind the wheel. Many people see defensive driving as a number of effective driving strategies that focus on avoiding potential problems by identifying questionable drivers and actions. You can think of it like detecting problems on the road before they happen and avoiding them by planning ahead with your driving.

Did you remember to remove distractions?

Distracted driving is incredibly dangerous because it takes your eyes off the road. You should always be fixated on the road and the cars around you when driving and your attention can’t wander off to something like your phone or your passengers. Remove as many distractions as possible so that they’re less likely to affect you when you drive.

Just don’t drive if you don’t have to

And lastly, what if you just didn’t drive? There are loads of people that could avoid driving by taking public transportation instead or even just walking. Driving doesn’t need to be the only kind of transportation you use and it’s honestly not even the most efficient when you compare it to riding a bicycle or something that is much more convenient. In short; don’t drive if you don’t have to and you’ll avoid plenty of potential car accidents.


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
Edel-Ryan Alon is a starving musician, failed artist, connoisseur of fine foods, aspiring entrepreneur, husband, father of two, geek by day, cook by night, and an all around great guy.


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