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Guide to Planning Your Winter Wedding

Summer weddings are beautiful, but there is a multitude of drawbacks that people seem to overlook – busy schedules, scorching heat, difficult-to-book venues, and many more. That being said, have you considered having a winter wedding? Picture your nuptial behind a majestic snowy backdrop, wonderful holiday-themed decor, and a cozy magical atmosphere overall – sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you’re still debating whether having your wedding during winter is a good idea, we would like to provide some tips and ideas, enabling you to have an extra special experience!

Bad Weather? No Problem!

As you’re probably aware, the weather can be the biggest challenge when it comes to the planning process and tailoring the perfect event. Typically, for summer weddings you have to be one step ahead to see whether there’ll be any sudden changes in the weather – luckily, this doesn’t apply in winter! Because the celebration will be held in an indoor venue, you don’t have to worry about exposing your guests and yourselves to the cold. That will result in less wedding anxiety and stress!

More Venue Options

A winter wedding is a less popular option nowadays, meaning that your dream venue might be easier to book! A lot of popular wedding venues need to be booked months in advance during the summer, whereas during colder months you can be more flexible with your wedding date since it’s not as busy. Additionally, the venue’s team can pay special attention to you during this time because they’re not overworked, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

Minimal Costs

Unsurprisingly, winter weddings cost way less compared to any other season! For example, venue vendors might be able to offer you a great deal or a special winter package since they don’t have a lot of bookings during that time. However, other vendors could cost more if you’re going for out-of-season options, such as florists.

Unique Color Palletes

Imagine you’re having your ceremony with a breathtaking winter backdrop – while it may look gorgeous, you’ll probably need to add some pops of color to break off the monotony of white. For that reason, you could go for the holiday “Red and Green” theme or create your winter wonderland by adding some dazzling silver and gold. If you really want to stand out, consider icy blues, moody jewel tones, or sweet berry reds.

Perfect Setting For A Black-Tie Event

For those of you who want a more formal and traditional wedding, the winter season is ideal for it! Most tuxedos aren’t meant for hot, outdoor settings, thus making them a perfect choice for a black-tie nuptial. The same goes for sequined gowns, adding shimmer to the season; and you can even go the extra mile to accessorize with some faux fur or elegant shawls. Always go for long-sleeved options – layering is highly recommended, especially for that dreamy intimate session. 

Guests Can Be More Flexible

Having your wedding in winter, especially around December and January, allows your guests to have more flexibility, both for attending your event and for accommodation. For starters, accommodation prices are less expensive during this season, making guests’ travel expenses less of a burden. Winter is also a time when a lot of holidays take place, so your guests will be able to attend your wedding without having any conflicts with their schedules.

Lastly, you also need to keep in mind that kids are usually in school during the winter; therefore if you want to have a kid-free celebration, this season would be the perfect time to do so!

Decorations Galore!

Undoubtedly, the best thing about having a winter wedding is the scenery it provides – you don’t have to hire a stylist for the decor! The venue where you would have your wedding would probably be adorned with some seasonal festive lights and decorations beforehand for free (if they’re not to your liking, you can always ask for them to be taken down). You can also use non-floral elements for the decor, like wreaths for the reception area or foliage garlands as centerpieces.

Plan Accordingly

Along with choosing vendors that would suit your wedding, you will also have some additional tasks during your planning process. Make sure to notify your guests that you’re having a winter wedding months ahead, so they can book their travels on time. As for the ceremony, the sooner you start, the better – sunset during this season comes in a blink of an eye. Finally, scope out some locations around your venue a few days before the actual wedding. Chances are you’ll find the perfect backdrops and sceneries for the photos.

Seasonal Catering

One of the easiest ways to truly capture the essence of your winter wedding is having seasonal catering! Treat yourself and your guests to creamy soups, lobster bisques, or some roast! Surely, you can skip the salads and light foods – go for heavier and hearty comfort foods, seasonal fruits, and vegetables. You can also include some warm pies on your dessert menu, too!

As for the drinks, you should kick off cocktail hour with mulled wine, spiked cider, hot cocoa, or a simple coffee – heartwarming events deserve hot drinks to additionally warm everyone up!

Cater To Your Guests

Even though your wedding will be held in an indoor area, you’ll still need to provide some amenities for your guests to keep them warm and comfortable. You can put a bunch of blankets and hand warmers in the reception area – not only are they incredibly convenient, but they’re also really cost-effective too! Furthermore, if you have an outdoor area included, you can rent outdoor heaters or an outdoor fire pit – both are excellent places for mingling; people can even make their own smores in fire pits!

That was our list of tips you should have in mind if you’re planning a winter wedding. No matter how big or small, your nuptial will be your own version of a winter wonderland – use everything the season gives to your advantage! Leave us a comment on what you think of these tips and don’t hesitate to add some of your own!


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