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How To Reduce Wear And Tear On Your Car

Your trusted road companion bears the brunt of your daily trips. If your car has racked up a significant amount of mileage, you’re in good company, as the average American spends around 17,600 minutes behind the wheel annually. Considering the significant time and resources you invested in your car, you can’t watch your car suffer frequent breakdowns or even invest in another car. From consistent spending to keeping a high gas level, these proven tips can help you save wear on your car, preserve its performance, and enjoy some peace of mind

Keep a consistent speed

Vary your driving pace, switching between a gentle acceleration and giving the engine a bit of a roar. Skip the pedal-to-the-metal takeoffs at stop signs or lights – they gobble up gas and stress out your drivetrain. Instead, go for a gradual pickup to dodge overheating issues. Smooth cruising extends your engine and tire life and ensures your car’s well-being. Here’s a super tip: occasionally, let your engine stretch its legs at higher speeds on a safe road. It’s like giving it a spa day – the heat clears carbon deposits away, leaving your engine smooth. 

Drive regularly

Cars are born to hit the road, not sit around left in the dust. Interestingly, an idle car isn’t much better off than one logging miles. It’s like they need their weekly workout! Regular drives, even a short spin around the block, do wonders for your battery’s health and keep your oil in circulation. That means less stress for the alternator – more like a mini spa day for your car. So, even if you don’t have much on your to-do list, grab those keys, hop in the driver’s seat, and give your ride a taste of the world outside. Your car will thank you with better performance and fewer maintenance headaches. Meanwhile, you’re better off renting a car for long or cross-country trips. You can explore cheap car rental deals to keep your new or old car’s mileage low and keep it from excessive wear. 

Maintain a high gas level

Holding off until your fuel gauge screams “empty” is a car no-no. Here’s why: when your tank runs low, the fuel pump slurps debris and air lurking at the tank’s bottom, sending not-so-savory elements to your car’s engine. What is the result? A clogged-up, wrecked fuel pump. Keep your fuel levels in check to dodge pricey repair bills and the dreaded roadside breakdown. Here is something for the diesel drivers – low fuel levels aren’t your friend. Your engine’s injector gulps air like it’s its last breath, potentially choking your car’s power. Play it smart by keeping that gas gauge from hitting rock bottom to keep your ride pleasingly smooth. 

Take it easy on your clutch

If you’re a manual transmission lover, here’s something for your clutch care. That trusty clutch does its thing, but it’s not wear-proof – replacing it won’t come cheap. So how do you handle this? Skip the clutch squeeze when you’re on a hill. Be best friends with your handbrake and shift into neutral. Now avoid the foot-on-clutch stance like a pothole. Instead of giving your clutch a non-stop workout, park your left foot next to the pedal. Smooth moves, no clutch drama – that’s how you keep your ride and wallet happy. 


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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