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6 Tips To Boost Your Car Engine Performance

Getting more power from your engine is a good thing. Whether you often drive through the city or take long trips to the countryside, enhancing your vehicle’s power and performance will improve your journey. From fire-injector spark plugs to carburetors and new lubricants, the car industry has gone through massive transformations since the introduction of internal combustion engines. Engines are all about mechanics and heat energy conversion into motion. However, you don’t have to be a mechanic or physics professor to be able to boost your engine’s performance. Here are some simple things you can do to achieve the desired results. 

Apply synthetic lubricants

Engine oil comes in various forms, like traditional and synthetic varieties. However, to boost durability, longevity, and performance, you may want to choose synthetic lubricants. These oils have a good chemical structure that your engine can benefit from. Unlike their conventional counterparts, synthetic lubricants don’t break down too soon when the engine gets hot. Since they can lubricate surfaces better in different temperatures and driving conditions, synthetic oils boost mileage and performance better than traditional ones. To further elevate the performance of whatever oil you apply, make sure you use a reliable additive such as advanced oil performance boosters. Avoid those that use bearing-damaging ingredients like chlorine.

Enhance the ignition

Regardless of how much fuel and air your engine obtains, performance may not be the best if the cylinders lack the required spark. You need a good ignition system that induces the spark plugs to generate maximum engine performance. On the other hand, spark mistiming can cause several issues that will send you to the mechanic sooner or later. Many ignition systems don’t send an error code to the car’s computer unless a major problem develops. Unfortunately, even minor issues can suck your engine power without your knowledge. If you deploy a lean fuel-air mixture with a great amount of air, you may require a larger voltage to activate the ignition of each spark plug. One way to create enough energy is to use an ignition system amplifier. The model you choose may depend on whether your car uses a distributor coil that transmits power through cables to the spark plugs or a coil-on-plug that features connections right on the plugs. Your car maintenance steps should include ignition checks; always choose the best performance options when it’s time to replace components like spark plugs and ignition wires. 

Replace worn-out parts

Another simple trick to increase your engine’s performance is to replace worn-out parts. Wear and tear is a common cause of engine power reduction. For instance, if the cylinders are scratched, the pistons are too old, or the transmission is inert, that can affect the engine’s power. It would be best if you leverage transmission repair services from professionals like Mr. Transmission to boost and get the most out of your car. If possible, replace all overused parts for the best results. 

Use a cold air intake

A cold air intake (CAI) is an easy way to maximize torque and horsepower. This aftermarket assembly of parts allows the sucked air to be cooler and denser. When cold air mixes with the fuel, they will burn to generate enormous power. That said, more air will reach the cylinders, resulting in improved combustion and power. This idea is highly effective if your car’s intake is a major factor that decreases the engine’s performance. 

Minimize the weight of your car

Obviously, a lighter vehicle will move faster than a heavier one. To get the most out of your engine, consider reducing the weight of your vehicle. For example, try to replace bulky components, not just in the engine block, with lighter alternatives. For instance, choose to get rid of extra seats, discard unused stuff in the trunk, replace glass windows with acrylic, and use disc brakes instead of conventional ones. Reducing the weight will make your car more aerodynamic, helping the engine produce more power.

Play tricks with the tires and wheels

Believe it or not, tweaking your car tires and wheels can help elevate the power of the engine. Ensure the front wheel alignment is perfect, as wheels that point straight can give a greater speed. Replacing tires regularly can help boost acceleration, so feel free to consider this. Investing in a set of lightweight wheels for your tires, too, is a great idea. A set of carbon fiber options will reduce the car’s weight, increase engine performance, and help save money.


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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