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Why Some Video Games are Harder than Others

Some video games are harder than others, and that’s just a fact. There are varying reasons for this, and it can be off-putting when you play a challenging game. However, this is by design for some games. And others can be challenging because they don’t offer accessibility features.

They Require a Lot of Time

Games are bigger than ever, both in terms of popularity and scope and scale. Some of the most popular games offer thousands of hours of playtime and are designed as a Live Service. PUBG, the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and even GTA Online are good examples. You can use things such as GTA modded accounts for a helping hand. Some believe this is cheating, while others find it helpful. Either way, you will save yourself a lot of time in-game.

Some Video Games are Harder by Design

People who don’t play games or don’t understand them can write them off as childish toys. The head of Nintendo, before they made video games, famously referred to them as such. Of course, there are games for children and casual gamers. However, some games are designed to be challenging and to appeal to a niche audience. Elden Ring is a good example of gamers loving a challenge. As of February 2023, Elden Ring has sold over 20 million copies. 

You are Playing the Wrong Genre

There are many different genres of games. From platformers to realistic flying simulators, there are many you can choose from. If you are having a hard time with certain games, you may be playing the wrong type of game. Perhaps Bloodborne is too challenging, and FPS or RPG games may be better for you rather than Roguelike or Soulslike games. Additionally, most games allow you to turn down the difficulty settings, but this can be at the expense of features. 

Impatience Can Hamper the Fun

Modern games are challenging, even some made for children. Additionally, they are getting more complex with more and more features. Some people find that this can be too much and simply become impatient with a modern game. So, try the following so you don’t rage quit:

  • Take your time to follow tutorials and learn the basics of the game.
  • Start off small and walk before you try to run, or you will simply fail all the time.
  • Go through in-game documentation and codexes to learn about the world.
  • Watch tips and tricks videos on social media platforms such as YouTube
  • Don’t leave too much time between plays, or you will forget your skills.

Almost all games come with tutorials that introduce you to features, so complete these first. There are also codexes that offer vital info. Take your time and learn about the game you play. Games should be fun and have benefits for kids and adults alike when you find the right ones.

You Must Focus to Enjoy the Challenge

Some games are very challenging, which appeals more to the audience. There are complex controls that are designed to engage the player and balance the game for them. Games such as Elder Ring, God of War, and even Mario Kart require focus on your part as part of the challenge. This helps you become better at the game, which helps as levels and bosses get increasingly harder. If you are having trouble, take a break and come back to the game when rested.

Accessibility Means Some Video Games are Harder

There are many different types of disability, from physical to mental and vision and sound. This has hampered gamers in the past. But the great news is that developers are taking more and more people into consideration and including accessibility features. These include customizable controls, voice assistance, and color configurations. AAA developers take this seriously these days, which is great since around 70% of gamers actively use built-in accessibility features.

There Can be an Element of Fear

The many different genres of games mean there is something for everyone. However, you may be playing the wrong game and have a bad experience. This can build a kind of fear that can hamper your progress. Of course, the game itself might be a horror game, some of which can be extremely scary. Other games, such as FPS games, can feel claustrophobic. If you have some apprehension about a game, try other genres that you find fun, relaxing, or calming.


The time it takes to progress and level up is a reason why some video games are harder than others. However, your own impatience can make the experience less fun as you rage quit. Fears and phobias, such as being in enclosed spaces, can provide a frustrating experience.


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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