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4 Upgrades To Improve Your Car’s Acceleration

Are you looking for ways to maximize the performance of your vehicle? You’ve come to the right place! We’ll explain some simple but effective upgrades you can make to your car’s acceleration, from the spark plugs to the flywheel.

Reduce Your Vehicle’s Weight and Clean It

The first thing any driver should do to boost their vehicle’s speed and performance is to make it lighter. While not necessarily an upgrade, it’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your car faster and more agile. When was the last time you cleared out your car and thoroughly cleaned it from top to bottom, inside and out?

Keeping your vehicle light and junk-free is best for its resale value. Decluttering and disposing of unnecessary items is a great start, and there are many other ways to keep your car clean moving forward, like using a detailing spray. Clean cars run better, and cars that run better perform and accelerate better!

New Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are critical to your vehicle’s performance, so replace the stock OEM plugs with new, high-performance ones. They ignite the mixture of fuel and air for combustion. Typical spark plugs last around 100,000 miles, so if your car has more miles than that, it’s probably due for replacement plugs.

High-performance spark plugs allow your car to run smoother, faster, and more efficiently. Plus, they don’t cost much to replace, so installing new spark plugs is a cost-effective upgrade for acceleration.

Replace the OEM Flywheel

Consider updating the clutch for better performance if your vehicle has a manual transmission. A new, high-performance flywheel that will improve your car’s acceleration. The upgraded flywheel transfers engine torque to the transmission and provides smoother clutch engagement. When replacing your OEM flywheel, you can expect a more engaged driving experience with better acceleration and quicker throttle response.

Add a Cold Air Intake

Installing a cold air intake is a surefire way to give your high-performance vehicle a performance boost. A cold air intake helps your car by replacing the hot air entering the engine with colder, denser air. This air has more oxygen, which means a better mixture in the combustion chamber and a boost in power. The better, oxygen-rich air-to-fuel ratio improves gas mileage, as the engine doesn’t have to work as hard. It’s amazing how many performance upgrades double as gas mileage upgrades!

Now you know how to give your vehicle a performance boost! Many of these changes are affordable, so you won’t break the bank to increase your car’s acceleration. If you know your way under the hood, you can do these mods yourself to save money. However, it’s better to let a professional handle these upgrades if you’re unfamiliar with auto mechanics. Good luck boosting your car, and remember to drive safely!


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