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Senator Frank Blas Aguon, Jr. – Filipino American Senator in Guam

Frank AguonSenator Frank Blas Aguon, Jr. is serving his fourth term in the Liheslaturan Guahan (Guam Legislature). The FilAm Senator started his political career in the Twenty-Fourth Guam Legislature, and holds the distinction of being the youngest incumbent senator at the age of thirty.

While a member of the minority, Senator Aguon sponsored fourteen bills passed into law. Those laws include: funding for the air-conditioning of Senior Citizen Centers. An act that requires protective guardrails be constructed for bus shelters adjacent to major roadways was also mandated. And legislation relative to the extension of the time period requirement for usage of the Chamorro Land Trust Commission residential properties for infrastructure development.

Prior to his Senatorial responsibilities, Senator Aguon served as the Director of the Guam Department of Commerce and as the Chairman of the Guam Territorial Planning Council. Senator Aguon received his Master’s in Business Administration (M.B.A.) in 1990 and his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration in 1988 from the University of Denver, Colorado.

Senator Aguon is a member of four Legislative Committees, to include: the Committee on Micronesian, Veterans, and Military Affairs; the Committee on Education; and the Sub- Committee on Ways and Means. He is also a member of the Council of State Governments, the Guam Planning Council, the Public Welfare Disentitlement Review Task Force, and the Guam Beautification Task Force.

Senator Aguon remains in tune with our people through active contributions to the community in various social and civic capacities including the St. Francis Parish Council. Senator Aguon continues to contribute many years of experience in a spirited career committed to serving the people of Guam through public service, community involvement, collaboration, and Respetu Para Todu.


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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