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Wedding Seating Arrangements

I’ve been asked several times on the best way to do seating arrangements for weddings, events, workshops, weddings, and weddings. Yes, so mainly weddings. I’ve seen many attempts of doing this electronically through Excel or lists on pieces of paper but the best way I’ve found to arrange seating is by visually laying everything out.

I’m all about the user experience and laying this out visually can help you better place people depending on their preferences and personality. Here’s the real deal example. I’ve seen a list of people who are supposed to be at a certain table and then there are guests who have a difficult time turning around (like grandparents). That could have been prevented if you put them on the other side of the table.



Different color Post-its

Large paper to draw out your layout



Step 1: Draw on the paper a layout of your tables and area. Include things like doors and entry ways. And then write the number of people allowed at each table.

Step 2: Gather all the names of your guests.

Step 3: Write all of their names on Post-its. One name per Post-it and use different colored Post-its to mark your VIPs.

Step 4: Start placing names.

Step 5: Rearrange.

Step 6: Repeat Step 5 until you are satisfied.

This is more for the visual type of person. While I didn’t like the excel spreadsheet option, I totally understand how that can easily work. You can pin point exactly where the person will sit and what they will see if you take this visual route.

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Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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