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Gallien-Krueger Legacy 115 1×15″ 800w Bass Combo

For years, I’ve used a 4×8 cabinet. Then I went to a 2×10 combo amp. I would then dream of having one of those Orange 1×12 amps. The sound from the 4×10 is loud but I found the throw to be about 6 feet in front of the speaker. The 2×10 combo was solid and I can feel the punch in my knees but could not feel anything in my heart.

I always thought my next step was going to be a 2×10 Gallien-Krueger combo amp. Instead, Sweetwater threw me a deal I couldn’t refuse. I ended up with a single 15″ speaker. The Gallien-Krueger Legacy 115 combo amp is one of the best combo amps I’ve rocked on. At first, I thought 1 speaker wouldn’t be good enough and thought of this one because of its ability to add a speaker cabinet.

This goes into the features I was looking for:

  1. Combo amp because I just want to pick up and go.
  2. Direct out because I play nice with my sound guy.
  3. External speaker to add a speaker cabinet.
  4. Some kind of aux in and headphone out.

The Legacy series hit all the good spots. The next choice was to figure out 2×10, 1×15, etc… Since I have not tried the 1×15 went with it because I knew I was not going to be happy with 4×8, 2×10, or 1×12.

I do not regret this purchase. Here’s a description:

From Sweetwater, the Gallien-Krueger Legacy 115 is a compact, lightweight bass combo amp with a state-of-the-art 800-watt Class D switch-mode power amp and GK’s Legacy preamp with overdrive. The Legacy Series represents a half century of industry-leading innovation at Gallien-Krueger. With its signature growl, clarity, power, and features that were ahead of its time, the 800RB, launched in 1980, established Gallien-Krueger as an industry leader in solid-state bass amplification. GK’s Legacy Series combos conjure the same no-nonsense aesthetic while delivering cutting-edge sound and features for today’s bassists. From clear, biting cleans to fat, punchy overdrive, the Legacy Series can do it all. Featuring impressive tone, power, professional features, and portability, the Legacy 115 is gig-ready for studio sessions and live venues of any size.

Now for the good and the bad.

The bad…it’s not compact or light and I’m trying to figure out when I would use the overdrive pedal.

The good…tone and sound. I was able to dial in 2 of my bases in 10 minutes; one active bass and one passive. More good stuff…the lows…the mids…the highs. You can easily hear the curve and make changes quickly to fit your needs. The bass is deep and what you would expect from a 15″. The highs are there too. I’m not sure how they did it but they did it and it works for me.

Get yours today!

Gallien-Krueger Legacy 115 Bass Combo Amp Features:

  • 800-watt Class D switch-mode power amp
  • 15″ neodymium speaker, designed and manufactured by GK
  • Legacy preamp with overdrive
  • GK’s classic 4-band active EQ
  • Foot-switchable Overdrive with Tone control
  • Overdrive circuit with Drive, Level, and Edge controls
  • Bump, Contour, and Presence voicing filters
  • Balanced XLR output with pre and post EQ
  • Unbalanced ¼” FX loop send and return
  • Aux input and Headphones output
  • Universal 110/220V power supply
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