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The Perfect Wedding Reception Tips To Try Out

After your wedding ceremony, vows are exchanged, and the “I dos” said, it’s time to entertain your guests and well-wishers at a fabulous reception. Creating a perfect reception can be as overwhelming as the wedding itself. Receptions require a lot of planning, organization, collaboration, and preparation. So, are you uncertain about how to set up a great reception? Then the following tips should help you.

Dress up your entryway

Usher people in through an elegant front door. If you want to play it safe, your design elements should tie in with your general wedding theme. However, you can always grace the walkway leading to the venue with floral beauty and lights. Regarding the lighting, it’s best to opt for something with a soft glow or dim lighting sources like lanterns or candles to create a romantic ambiance. The dance floor, however, can use brighter lights if you prefer. Regarding the flowers, again, maintain the same combination you used during their wedding to create a seamless transition. You can always find a trusted florist to assist you with the perfect floral choices. 

Put a lot of effort into the seating 

You want to create a very comfortable seating area for your guests to relax, eat, and enjoy the activities during the reception. So make sure you pick very comfortable seats with seating arrangements that are spacious enough to allow easy movement. It’s also best not to overcrowd the tables or the reception area in general. How many people per table should depend on your preferred seating arrangement and table size. For example, a regular 6-foot table can accommodate 8 to 10 guests, just enough for everyone to enjoy good conversations without overcrowding the table. 

Focus on the food and drink

Most people will always remember the food and drinks you served, so it’s important to put a lot of effort into this. Keep in mind that some guests may have traveled long distances and have probably skipped breakfast or lunch. So, offer something filling with drinks and snacks to keep everyone going. While the main idea is to keep your guests full and hearty, you want to serve them delicacies they’ll enjoy. 

Keep the location close

Traveling long distances, arriving early for the wedding, and sitting through the ceremony can be hectic for most wedding guests. And the last thing you want to do is transport them to another location for the reception. Keep the reception location as close as possible to the wedding venue to reduce the commute time, limit stress, and even save a lot of money on transportation, photography services, venue rental, etc. You can even combine the wedding and reception venues to make it easier.  

Outsource to a planner

Sometimes, the best way to create the perfect reception is to leave the job for someone who knows how to do it. This way, you can focus on enjoying your special day while an expert handles aesthetics. You can explain what you prefer your reception to look like, and your wedding planner will also offer ideas that will work best for your occasion. 


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Edel Alon
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