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Admiral Timothy Keating on the Importance of Military Base in Guam

Admiral Timothy Keating spoke to reporters Wednesday about the building of a new military base in Guam. It’s a long video (about 30 minutes).

Admiral KeatingReporter Kevin Baron from the Star & Stripes asked Admiral Keating, “Do you have concerns of these issues of the cost to get the Guam base up to speed?” The admiral responded, “It’s a significant investment.” He then expands, “There is concern…there’s certain gravity to the word concern that may not be entirely well founded. It’s gonna be an expensive proposition. It will take time and there are thousands of lives that will be affected by the move so we want to get it right and we like to do it right the first time. The goal for the department of defense is to move those marines and their families to a first rate facility in a United States Territory, Guam, and we the Pacific Command will capitalize on with the strategic advantages that the move offers us”.

If you want to skip all the Korea talk, start listening around the 14 minute mark.


Edel Alon
Edel Alon
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